A Mini Rant

As a single parent, working full time, there’s nothing more unappealing than a grown man who just wants to fuck on you. I apologize if my post sounds a bit repetitive, but hey it’s my blog, and I deserve a mini rant. 

It’s a rewarding job, but it’s exhausting and it’s not for the weak. When you’re working remotely and your child is home all day with you, there’s literally NO off button. There’s not a moment to breathe, and if you’re like me, my child will rarely sleep before I. With that being said, why would a grown ass man think inviting me over to hang out would be in the least bit appealing. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days I’d love to just relax with a glass of wine and grown man conversation. But does everything have to end with sex? Do people not talk and connect anymore? Why can’t I find a healthy balance between the two. A man with magical feet rubbing hands, and a tongue great for conversation and in between my thighs? Where is the happy medium in that. 

With that being said, it sucks even more when people provide unwarranted opinions. Unless you’re in the same boat as me, your mentally battling the same demons, doing the same work, raising the same child, I don’t want to hear what ‘you’d do.’ My daughter is my priority, first and foremost. That also means I need to make sure I’m mentally competent to be able to perform my motherly duties. So many people feel privileged to give their thoughts/opinions .. like does that make you feel better for making a single mother whose doing her best doubt her decisions. 

Thanks for listening. A mini rant. 

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