Hi, I’m Kamara

aka Kam, 1/2 of kamxkenn. I’ve been blogging since a little before my pregnancy in 2017, and have come to appreciate having an open diary outlet. If that makes sense. I was definitely one of the girls who kept diaries growing up, so it was only natural that I gravitated towards creating an open forum for myself.

Blogging has definitely saved me from some of my darkest days. Never did I think I’d be a single mother, feeling completely misunderstood, and alone. Prior to my child, I was already battling severe depression and anxiety, so this journey was unexpected, is scary, and definitely bumpy. Well worth it, but tiring to say the least.

I honestly don’t know if there’s anyone who has had these feelings. I still have them, I’m just trying to better manage them. Pregnancy is supposed to be beautiful and shared with someone you love, so doing it without a partner or the “village” we’ve heard so much about growing up, is hard as hell. But after pregnancy, while being a mother, you’re still a woman who wants to date and have that 1 on 1 time.

That’s what this blog is about, my hilarious, fucked attempts at trying to maneuver motherhood alone. I hope to build an online community of women who can relate, or at least get a good laugh and hope from my trials & tribulations. Wish me luck sis 😉