Dating During Covid

Well first I’d like to say, thanks a fucking lot covid. Dating during covid, has been funny, if nothing else. Boys were already trying to get away with doing the bare minimum while receiving the maximum benefits. The false pretense of trying to get to know you has evaporated. Let’s head straight to the bedroom now, you know because of covid and curfews. Dating during covid, bullshit. 

I completely understand the limitations due to what’s going on, but you’d hope this would bring out the creativity in some. Maybe we’re unable to go to a restaurant, what about a socially distanced date at the park. Pack a picnic and enjoy one another. The houses of one another should not be the only viable option in getting to know each other. Due to the restrictions, so many businesses have changed their models to adapt to these times. There are ways for those who want more than just a good time. 

The only plus side is how easy it is to weed out the bullshit, and bums. I prefaced this blog with boys, because I don’t believe a man will use these reasons to skip getting to know you. Virtual dating is a thing, dates during FaceTime or whatever. I know not everyone is taking advantage of these times and getting straight to the fucking. 

It sucks as a 30 something year old women, hoping there’s some romance out there, to constantly be offered Netflix and chill. Don’t be a woman comfortable in her sexuality, because than you’re just asking not to be taken seriously. What a fucking joke, but I’ll save that for another entry. 

Basically, a man who wants to get to know not just your wet warm insides, will utilize this time to show you he’s serious. The other douchebags will attempt to sell Netflix & chill like it’s a Ruth Chris meal. Go to hell. 

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