Embracing Change

It’s Aries season, lol, I’m so ready. The theme for this season is embracing change. A lot easier said than done, but I’m really trying to embrace the changes I feel coming. One has already occurred, and another is currently underway. 

The big move was the first one of course. It’s crazy that when I tell people what I did, the first word they use to describe it, is brave. I actually never thought of it in that light. I just felt like I was drowning and needed to do something drastic. Granted, I did my research, but there was an emptiness inside of me, and my city was starving me. When I stop to think about it, it is pretty brave. I moved clear across the country with just my daughter. Not knowing what the future held, but just hoping for a positive outcome. 

Next change to come is starting a new job April 1st. I had started randomly applying to jobs, not putting in 100% effort, but I wanted to get my feet wet. My resume came across a VPs desk at this small company and he reached out to me. We had 2 informal conversations and passed my resume along to a colleague. After I spoke with her, he verbally called and offered me a job. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I think this is an opportunity that could lead to something even more special. I felt the effort he put in on his end, and I didn’t feel like just another resume.

I feel like some other changes are going to happen. I’m just not sure what those changes are. It’s weird to explain, but I don’t know .. i just don’t think the universe is done with me if that makes sense. Well of course the universe ain’t, but idk, I just feel like these changes will be happening soon. Soooo, I’m just going to try to continue embracing change and erring on the side of positivity. 

Oh, and love life is still dry af. But that’s a topic for another day yaw. 

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