Gaslighting, sound familiar

If you were ever in a relationship(situationship) with a narcissist, this was probably a reoccurring theme. It’s so subtle, and most of them are so good at it, you’ll legit be thinking you’re out your fuckin mind. Doubting everything that crosses your mental, and apologizing for shit that’s not your fault. Hello to you too gaslighting, sound familiar? 

This is the most annoying trait in a narcissist ever. They never want to accept accountability for anything instead always placing the blame on you. You could bring the smallest thing to their attention, next thing you know, it’s a full blown argument. Now you’re being told your needy, you’re overreacting, you’re asking for too much. Now you’re really second guessing yourself, like am I wrong for wanting to see him more than just 1x a week. 

First things first, NO YOU’RE NOT WRONG. lol He’s a piece of shit. It could be my personal experience, but usually these types of men have something to hide. See it’s easier to place blame on you, to plant little seeds of self doubt in your head, rather than being upfront with you. 

Leave this situation alone. It is not worth it, and will take a toll on you mentally. Something is wrong with a person, whose okay with repeatedly mentally fucking you over. Don’t get me wrong, some of yaw be too needy, I really do get it. But most of the time, it’s not to, it’s them. 

So if he’s constantly argumentative whenever you bring up a subject. You always seem to be wanting too much, you’re second guessing yourself, you’re doubting the issues every time you bring it to his attention. Gaslighting, sound familiar?

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