Happy New Year .. Again!

Because the first month of January has been hectic with a move across the country, I’d like to formally start my new year over February 1st. So happy new year, again! That’s right, why not? Who says I have to wait another year, to give my year all I got?!
I don’t mean completely start over because I believe this move was exactly what I needed. In California, I had become complacent and jaded. Scared to do better, though I knew better, because of my past and my situationships. Coming to Raleigh is definitely one of many new beginnings for me in the year 2021. Starting over for me, means to give myself a chance to start over on the other goals I’d given myself.
First and foremost, my health. Between packing, working, traveling and mothering, my eating has been shit and my exercising non existent. Well no more. I’ve started back low carb, as the picture shows, without depriving myself. I haven’t gotten back in the gym yet, but I’m going to start back up with my home workouts, and transition into the gym. I love right by a lake, so I’m hoping to make good use of it.

I’d like Kennedy to interact with other kids a few times a week. I’ve been in search of places to take her, things to do. She’s persistent with her desire to do gymnastics. The goal is to try out a few places, and find what resonates with her.
The hard part is over. The huge trip is complete. Now time to make the best of everything, and crush these goals. So don’t feel bad if you were a month in, and you’re already resetting. Just make it count. Oh, and happy new year, again!

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