Has Time Always Flown By like this?

By the time I have a chance to finally start working on my resolutions, a new year is almost upon us. Time is always flown by, but I feel like now that I’m a mother, shit is FLYING. Maybe it has something to do with attempting to capture these moments, because she won’t be this small forever …

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and perhaps those dreams/goals I’ve been aspiring to are slipping further away? Kind of scary when you frame it that way right? Lol. Let me stop being such a Debbie downer and think of the bright side.

2020 has been a year for books. A pandemic has terrorized the United State for most of it. Sucks our government isn’t on the same page. I finally moved forward with child support, since the donor is still absentee. Lol, that’s a story for another time, but I’m hoping to resolve it soon. Oh and 2021 will be the year, I truly implement some life changing events for my little one and I.

This upcoming new year will certainly be a year like no other. We’re relocating to an entirely new state, on the opposite side of the country. I’ve did my research, my due diligence, talked to my job etc (we don’t have very man EST managers), and it’s a green light. In about a month we’ll be in the country!

Who would have thought, little miss city girl. Haha, I’m absolutely hoping this is the best move for me and my little one.

I’m happy, I’m starting with employment, and I’ve found a place to stay. I’m starting over with no tribe. No help. Just the two of us. I’ve seen a lot of moms ask this question, if it’s possible.

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m going to try, and I’m going to make sure to keep you updated on the way.

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