I Get Lonely Too

If your first thought was the song from TLC’s album Fanmail, or Drakes remake, you obviously get me! But like the title says, I get lonely too. It sucks when you raise your standards and now you’re all lonely and shit. Lol, but no forreal, you definitely start questioning shit. Settling don’t seem so bad, when you’re tired of carrying everything on your back and there’s no one you can unload to. 

Having friends and family to talk to is cool, but them conversations hit different when it’s your nigga. Like, I wanna have these conversations while meet are being rubbed, or my head laying against his shoulder. I just want someone who sees my effort in life, and tells me I’m doing a great job. Followed by some wine, fire head, and nasty ass sex. Lord knows when the next I’m going to be intimate with someone.

I deleted all my online dating profiles a while back. I just can’t do it, lol. They bye just as full as shit as niggas in a club. Plus, my attention span sucks ass, and after a week of conversation, shit be dry. I don’t know how I’ll meet someone working remotely, and being a single mom, but I’d much rather prefer to meet someone the organic way. In the midst of a pandemic, I have no idea how probable that is, but I can wait. 

Some days are lonelier then others. Some days I feel weak willed, and would settle for a little male attention. But I remember where those roads lead, and I’m good. I’ll wait. Yaw pray for me. 

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