2021 Vibes Manifestation

I’m excited for this upcoming year. I’ve been really trying to look on the bright side, and implore positive manifestation. Issues may arise, but if I take inventory of my blessings, I’m almost certain they’d outweigh the negatives. I said ALMOST! 

Happiness. This seemed to be the most impossible to hold on to. I was stressed, depressed, my anxiety attacks were fkn nuts, and I was just sad. Pure and simple. My happiness was fleeting. I’d like to take control of that in 2021. I need to understand that no one person or thing should have that great affect on my feelings. 

Financial Stability. Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy (sad), and changing my surroundings will definitely help. I want to create multiple streams of income, and get a financial advisor. I’d like to begin investing heavily, set up life insurance plans, and start the credit building process again. The right way.

Health. I’m inconsistent with dieting, and simply I don’t want to lol. I just need to find something that works, and stick to it. Surgery is still on the table, but I want to be happy with my physical self. My mental health. I want to take more me time, and doing things that’ll keep me grounded will help. Remember what made me happy, participate in stress free activities, and maybe put myself in some uncomfortable situations.

Love. lol. I can’t see myself with anyone. I’d love to. I want love. A husband. A family. POTENTIALLY another baby 🥴 , but I don’t want to give it too much thought. That’ll ultimately invite opportunists whose vibes aren’t the same as mine. I’m open to the right love. 

Patiently waiting for everything to align. Its all about positive manifestation, and putting into the universe what you want in return.

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