Settle Down or Settling

It could be because I’m in my 30’s, but I’ve come across way too many people choosing to settle. I know this occurs at different times, different stages in your life, but it’s something about getting older that makes you feel hurried. It’s the belief that at 30, you should have everything figured out.
At 30, you should have kid(s), a husband, own your home, and a booming career. This is what tv portrays, and this is what a lot of women think. For whatever reason, if you’re not there by your 30, then you’re failing at life. Don’t take into consideration that women are doing these things a lot later now, or we’re too busy being successful as hell. Nope, 30 hits, and a fkn timer in your head is obnoxious making you aware of your failures. It’s all pretty laughable.
In my 20s I definitely wasn’t preparing for my 30’s, so why would I have expected any of that shit to magically appear. Yes, I want to settle down, but I don’t want to settle. That’s a huge difference, and it shouldn’t be one so easily interchangeable. I refuse to settle for a job I’m unhappy with, because they pay me. Settling for a man that’s readily available but isn’t the one I’ve been waiting on, isn’t an option.
Nobody is perfect, and we’re all guilty of settling at some point in our lives. But settling because of age, comfortability, fear of being alone, will no longer rule me.

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