Okay Love .. I’m Ready for you

I’ve been fighting love for some time now, but no more I say. I am so open to love, and giving someone my authentic self. Being unable to be forthcoming with my feelings or emotions as an alpha woman has stalled me. Meeting an educated black man with common interests, has definitely forced me to keep a wall up. This is a time meant for changes, so okay love, I’m ready for you. 

I’ve been comfortable with guys I dated, but it still wasn’t everything I wanted. Well, not the most important things at least, because I know how important compromise is. It has taken quite some time for me to realize what I want from the opposite sex. Getting older, I’ve saw what love has done for others, I couldn’t be more excited at my potential love match in the future. 

Before any of that, I know there are things I must do to ensure I’m ushering in the right vibes. No more mindless dating, or dating people who don’t have the same overall goals of myself. Hello Celibacy 👋🏾 it’s me again, noooo more giving in to my sexual urges or having a fuck buddy on call. Last but not least, gotta get these insecurities under control. My insecurities have allowed me to doubt myself and my worth, settle for shit I didn’t deserve, and kept me in tears at night. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is, no longer will any of those be roadblocks for what I know I deserve. Okay love, I’m ready for you. In divine timing of course ☺️ 

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