The theme is Abundance

For 2021, the them is abundance. Abundance in money, love, self care, and health. I’m so ready to take on this new journey, and I’m so at peace with everything that is coming.
In exactly 2 weeks, I’ll be stepping out on my own. I’ve been living on my own since the age of 19, but my big sister was always a call away! I’ll be states away, and the scariest part is knowing I won’t be able to go bug my sister or harass her into going somewhere with me. Besides that, I couldn’t be more excited and more open to the new opportunities and blessings coming my way. I’m saying it now, 2021 is going to be MY year and a year for the books.
When I tell yaw that abundance is my theme this year, I’m not joking. I’m claiming it. Love will be plentiful, finances will be plentiful with multiple streams of income, all aspects of health will be aligned, and family will be better than ever. Let’s not let this year go by without doing something amazing. Everyday I wake up, is another day to accomplish something, doesn’t matter how big or small.
Happy New Year.

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